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Bring out your dog's true potential.


Our Trainer and Philosophy

Our primary goal at the Canine Campus location is to provide quality, caring dog training services to the community.  Whether your dog needs basic manners, has a complicated behavior issue, or just needs to expand its repertoire, our certified trainer can help!

Our trainer and co-owner, Terri Spencer, has been training dogs professionally for over 13 years, and has been working with dogs and learning about their behavior since she was a child. Terri is one of only

three trainers in the state of Kentucky who is certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience

Instructors (NADOI); the oldest and one of the most respected certifying organizations in the industry.

Terri is also an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator, a professional level member of the

International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), and certified to evaluate therapy pets through Therapy Pets Unlimited (TPU). Her training style is best described as "positively balanced" as her emphasis is always on ensuring that the dog understands what is being asked and is set up for success. Dogs are taught primarily through the use of positive reinforcement, but specific techniques and tools may vary from one dog to the next. For every dog, Terri believes that training must consist of clarity, fairness, compassion, and consistency.


Group Classes, Private Lessons, Day School, Training Camps and More

Group Classes: Starting at $125

We offer multiple levels of group classes to suit your needs! From Foundation Obedience (beginner) to Advanced Obedience and CGC classes, we've got you covered!

Private Lessons: Starting at $305

Our private lesson package is customized to the needs of you and your dog. We create a plan based on your goals and your dog's current level of training.

Day School: Starting at $305

Our Day School package is great for busy schedules and those who prefer for the trainer to give them a head start on basic manners and obedience. This package allows you to drop your dog off in the morning and pick up later in the day. Dog receive one-on-one training sessions and play time while you're away.

day school.jpg

3-Week Training Camp: Starting at $1150

We have overhauled the typical "board and train" model to create a more intensive and owner-inclusive program! This three week program combines board and train with private lessons to not only teach your dog, but to ensure that we are also teaching YOU. Your dog gets to go home with you each weekend so you don't have to be apart for weeks at a time and can practice its new skills where they matter the most! Each week, you'll get a private lesson before taking your dog home for the weekend.


For more details on these programs, click HERE.

Request Information

Please fill out the form below to help us find the best program for your needs! Once submitted, we will contact you in 1-2 business days.

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